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We're a family business whose fortunate success continues because delighted customers return and bring new business to us.  Our family business values; work hard for the customer, do it right the first time, and never over-promise, but always over-deliver! Meet the Westmoreland Antique Car Restoration family: 

Craig Piper - Owner

Craig's love of machinery came from his Dad who passed on practical know-how and entrepreneurial spirit.  There is hardly a time in his life when he hasn't been working on a vehicle, completing his first restoration, a 1950 Studebaker Champion, at 15.  Over the past 30+ years, cars he's restored have gone on to win regional and national honors.  

Garvin Piper

When he was born, Garvin rode home from the hospital in a restored 1963 Studebaker Lark Daytona driven by his father, so it's no mystery how he developed a love and appreciation for car restoration.  He started his first restoration when he was 14.  At 16 he completed the restoration of his 1960 Studebaker Lark VIII and won national honors with the Antique Automobile Club of America.  He can be found working on the shop floor or in the office.  


From the time he restored his '75 Chevy Pick-Up at home when he was 15, he's always had a vehicle to work on.  Brad now has a total of 25 years restoration and reconditioning experience.  The first car he worked on from start to finish with Craig was a 1951 Studebaker Land Cruiser, which remains his favorite.


In total, Brian has nearly 25 years experience restoring vehicles, though some of his earliest memories are of restoring toy trucks and tractors his brothers handed down.  At 15 he started restoring his grandfather's 1953 Studebaker 2R5 truck back to life and hasn't looked back.  Brian and Craig have worked together for over 20 years, collectively.  His favorite restoration to date was a 1958 Studebaker 4x4 truck.

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